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"ONE PERCENTERS" Gang World series on Bio Channel
Producer (Field Director) Full episode 44:30 (3 parts)
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"One Percenters" (Gang World)
On Bio Network. Gang World takes an unflinching, raw look at the origins and evolution of the most violent and dangerous gangs in the US. "One Percenters" uncovers the criminal culture of motorcycle gangs Hell’s Angels, Mongols and the Outlaws. For decades, these clans have been linked to countless beatings, kidnappings, and murders, and today they are using the power of their image to spread their deadly message around the globe. Learn what life is like in their own words, and watch firsthand as law enforcement does their best to contain the One Percenters in a deadly, ongoing game of cat and mouse. Shot over a period of four months in seven states with local law enforcement agencies and members (frmr) from Hell's Angels, Mongolsand the Outlaws Motorcycle Clubs.. 98% of the program is original footage shot for "One Percenters".

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Part 3 of 3