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"Beach Kings" trailer - Producer    



"BEACH KINGS " also "Green Flash" (Feature Film) Producer
ALIEN SECRETS” (Feature Film) Producer/Director/Writer
"L.A. HEAT"   (Television Series) Producer/Director/Head Writer
"RAGE" (Feature Film) Writer  
"THE SILENCERS"  (Feature Film) Writer 
"PURE DANGER"  (Feature Film) Writer
"TIME LOCK"  (Feature Film) Writer
"RIOT" (Feature Film) Writer 
"RING OF FIRE III: LION STRIKE" (Feature Film) Writer
"SKYSCRAPER" (Feature Film) Writer
"TIME BARBARIANS" (Feature Film) Director/Writer
"SALEM'S GHOST" (Feature Film) Director/Writer

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"Green Flash" (Beach Kings) Trailer (Foreign Sales trailer)
"Beach Kings" (MGM) Production info and Stills on (imdb.com)
"Beach Kings" full movie 94:00 (private link-demo only)


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Reel Remix- Writer, Producer or Director

  Feature Films - Screenwriter
Rage The Silencers Time Lock  
Rage: trailer
Rage: Full Movie
Silencers: trailer
Silencers: Full Movie
Riot Pure Danger Skyscraper  
RIot: trailer
RIot: Full Movie
Pure Danger: trailer
Pure Danger: Full Movie
Skyscraper: trailer  
Ring Of Fire3

Lion Strike: Full Movie

Salem's Ghost

Salem's Ghost demo

The Silencers  
L.A. Heat

Below are scenes and episodes from the television series" L.A. Heat" that Joseph worked on as head Writer, Producer and Director.

Produced by PM Entertainment Group, Inc., "L.A. Heat" filmed in L.A., Beverly Hills, San Diego, Long Beach and Hollywood.
Prior to airing on TNT, the series accomplished the impossible by taking the #1 spot away from Baywatch in Germany. The show was also popular in England, France and Arabic speaking countries.

L.A.Heat on Wikipedia


L.A. Heat Ep 8 (Rage) 48:00 - Writer/Director/Producer

L.A. Heat Highlights Producer / Writer